Princess Blackfoot, the Half Marathoner!


Disney Princess Half Marathon

13.1 Miles were Mine

And it was ROYAL.
Distance HALF MAR
Clock Time 1:43:16
Chip Time 1:43:01
Overall Place 141 / 15784
Gender Place 141 / 15784
Division Place 38 / 2471
Age Grade 63.9%
5K Split 25:03
10K Split 49:10
15K Split 1:13:23


PS: My Cherry Tree 10 Miler Race Results came in proper – Chip Time was 1:18:52!


Cherry Tree 10 Miler in Prospect Park

As a Former Cherry Kingdom resident in Japan, I rocked the Cherry Tree Race in Brooklyn!

Higashine City in Japan

I am super happy with my 10 mile race result! Despite the discrepancy in my time (shown later), I felt that I did a damn fine job getting through 10 miles / 3 laps around Prospect Park in sub-1:20:00. Yay!

I originally signed up for this race because my regular training called for an easy paced 10 miler this particular Sunday. I saw on NYCRuns that there happened to be a 10 mile race this day, so I promptly signed up, figuring that since I had to do the 10 miles anyway, and I was probably going to do them in Prospect Park, why not?

Shots and Cannoli's

I wasn’t even planning to rest the day before, but a colleague / runner friend of mine suggested that I chill out. My friend from Yamagata, Japan (non-Japanese) was coming to town from DC anyway, so I decided to take it easy and hang out with him and his lady. He of course brought me rum from their recent trip to Jamaica, and thus being the Captain and all, I promptly opened it and we celebrated our reunion proper pirate-style.

That’s right. Shots and connoli’s from Little Italy on pre-race day. Fabulous!

After catching up, we proceeded to head to Manhattan and eat a ‘proper’ meal.

Hide-chan Spicy Hakata Ramen and Sapporo Beer.

The next day’s race was really looking like it really was going to be an ‘easy’ run – easy as in slow and steady and not much else going on! However, I was responsible and left my friends to their clubby party and went to bed by midnight so at the very least, I could get 8 hours of proper sleep. *pats myself on back. Good job, Blackfoot.

Sunday morning’s sunshine soon woke me up out of bad-race dreams. In my dream, I was going around the park but then I was led to scary dark house with skeletons running around trying to get me while I couldn’t find the way out and being scared and upset about being off course. I was happy to get up and get going. My friends really couldn’t say the same, they had only come back from the terror’s of late night weekend subway-ing (aka, trains running dismally infrequently) 3 or so hours before wake up time. But they got up and came out with me! They rock!

Yay, away from bad dream and waiting for the R train!

We got to the race starting line a mere 10 minutes before the race started but that was just perfect since it was cold and I didn’t have to check my bag since awesome friends were there to hold my track suit. I sucked down some nasty PowerBar-made Tangerine goop and lined up in a sort of mass of people with no order whatsoever.


UGH! Disgusting!

Love Thy Supporters

Ready, Set, HORN BLAST – GO!

The race itself was rather uneventful for 10 miles. My iPod failed me for the first mile – the race Gods love to mess with my technology on race days. It was fine by Mile 2 after I did nothing at all. I tripped once, without falling on the ground, and also got pushed around by some older dude who just was determined to beat me even though he was neither in my gender or age group. He would run in ways where I had to dodge him and other people because he just could not ever make enough room for me to pass. And when I did pass, he would catch up and cut me off again! It got a little old after a few miles and eventually my caffeine goop kicked in and I left him in the dust. (I had the pleasure of watching his tired butt cross the line at least a minute after me.) All in all, though, it was a beautiful sunny day in the park, and all the runners were just inspirational. They were in all fitness levels, shapes, sizes, ages, and I was happy to be among them. I did get a little hot, perhaps my 2 shirts were a bit much even though it was 33 degrees F.  But, I suppose it was an indicator that I was working a bit more than my normal training long runs. I finished my first mile in sub-8 minutes and decided to slow down. I succeeded in that for all of Mile 2, but then with this guy jostling me and my general excitement about how good I was feeling, I ended up averaging sub-8 minutes the whole way!

The evil hill in Prospect Park was run up 3 times, and the last time, I really just tried to book it. When I got near the big clapping crowd, I got confused about which way the finish line was since there was a sign differentiating between the 10 milers and relay runners. I actually asked a guy who was working the race, and he said “THAT WAY!!!” and I had to turn very quickly into the last straightaway. Imagine if I had missed it! I probably would have ended up in a house of skeletons!

Gunning the last bit!

I was ecstatic that I ran sub-1:20:00! I did not expect to by any means since last 10 miler was 1:27:XX and I figured I’d only shave a few minutes off of that since I did that one on the flat running path near my apartment. I got my official time emailed to me by PPTC. 1 hour 19 minutes 14 seconds! Yay! But wait. Look at the time! I clearly crossed before by 1 second, and that coupled with the fact that I wasn’t at the starting line when the horn blew and the time started, I should have been at LEAST 10 seconds less that this! My GPS said 1:18:59 for the total time from the start line to a few stumbles past the finish line.

Finish! But wait, look at the time...

Oh well. I really don’t care since this was a training run turned race. The real goal is next week’s first attempt at the half marathon. And PPTC is a good running club and they did a fine job organizing this fun race. (Though I do complain about the race souvenir, it was a pretty hideous fuzzy red cherry hat that no one wore.) So overall, I had a great time!!!

Resting after the race to get energy to shop in Williamsburg

The great time continued with a trip to Fette Sau in Williamsburg, the opposite end of Brooklyn that I hardly ever have the energy to get to. However, despite my post-race exhaustion, I managed to get motivated for BBQ! It was delicious, and was followed up with boutique shopping and a VS PINK sale.

Thanks for coming out and supporting me! See you at the next race in DC!

Great weekend! And on President’s Day, I joined fellow runners Santiago and Matt not for running, but for a taping of The Daily Show with John Stewart! Yay! He has a great hairstyle. 😉  And he thinks home schooling could be a good thing, and you’ll never gonna catch him riding the subway.

Feeding the Foot


Mmmm BBQ

As I eat a box of chocolates for lunch today, I started reflecting on my nutritional intake. I haven’t eaten too many vegetables this week. And come to think of it, I am only eating these chocolates for lunch because I have no food here in my apartment.

Hmmmm…..reflection time! Let me describe myself briefly: I like tasty food. I grew up on a very healthy diet of my mom’s home Japanese German cooking, a lot of which involved vegetables and almost no junk food till I was older. However, there are two things about me preventing me having a nice lunch of greek salad or chicken and vegetables. They are 1. I am incredibly lazy when it comes to food, and 2. I am incredibly cheap when it comes to food.

1. Lazy Foodie: I am totally being honest when I say I’d rather run 8 miles than go to the store and buy something to eat. I just don’t see the point of putting on proper outside clothes just to grab something to eat when I have edible things here, even if they aren’t great for me. If I am going to go outside, it must be worth it, such as accomplishing my run for the day, going to work to get my salary, or seeing friends and having fun, but not to get food. I have been notorious for sustaining myself on canned corn and cereal in college, which has slowly changed to toast and chocolate in adulthood. Again, I do enjoy great food. If you put it in front of me, I will be ecstatic. If it is FREE, I will be elated. But I will not make effort to get it.

2. Cheapest Person I Know – Me: For being a lazy eater, I believe I work very hard for my cash. I have a lot of responsibility at my job and work extra extra hard to receive what some may consider a donation. Therefore, valuing the dollar as I do, I just cannot bring myself to spend money frivolously. But I do like nice things. For example, I have a very nice folding bike. I also have a super laptop ready for Diablo III when it comes out. I also have my fancy GPS watch and more than a few pairs of nice shoes. I especially am willing to shell out money for a trip abroad – with my tent and sleeping bag, of course! In any case, despite not being poor, you won’t catch me buying smoked salmon or at Le Bernardin any time soon. I just can’t bring myself to spend much on something that will be gone in 30 minutes or less! I enjoy a good outing with proper company, that is worth more than just the food. But still, I cringe at menu prices and pretty much read everything simultaneously with the price.

This killer combination of lazy and cheap is 100% detrimental to my nutritional intake. Combined with not having much will to go outside to get food with the fact that I don’t want to pay for it either, I just do not get food. And that leaves me with this old box of chocolates.

For a runner, this is not the best lifestyle. I have been trying to change, but I need help. When pushed gently, I do the right thing and get myself some proper healthy carbs the night before races, and even make vegetable soup with some assistance!

Carbing up before a race with natto nama tamago Udon

Post long run protein to repair my muscles!

Salad and half sandwich dinner - an attempt at a balanced meal

Mackerel, You are Mine!!!

Omega-3, salad, antioxidants

Vegetable soup for the week

With all this in mind, what will I have pre-10 mile race? I will stop eating these chocolates, put down my glass of wine, and meet Luke for a nice and affordable Ramen dinner in the city!