The Big Move at a Bad Time

My exciting move to Manhattan damped by the fact that I can’t do Sh*t.

New place in Harlem

Despite a fractured spine, I made a big move from my life in Brooklyn to living up in Harlem! The decisions and timing came at a difficult time, and on top of it all, I then got injured, but my landlord said I had to be out by the end of March, and that meant one way or another, I was getting my broken back and all my worldly possessions to Harlem.

Luckily (again) for me, I have an AMAZING band of friends and family. Fernando got the UN boxes, and Papi, Marlene, and Shaun started the packing. Wouldn’t you know, it is super hard (aka impossible) to pack with a broken back! I can neither lift or bend over. A lot of good I was doing…

Pretty Useless

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Spinal Update

Things are going well….I think.

Just a quick spinal update from your Runner-on-break-cuz-of-broken-spine-issues. I am doing pretty well, all things considered. I saw a spine specialist in NYC and he showed me the catscan, it was pretty interesting! My L1 is broken on the top, with pieces which came off and the whole vertebrae is disfigured. The good news is that the pieces which came off are not in danger of poking my spinal cord and thus putting me in the “there’s nothing we can do but wait until your own body patches yourself up” category. This is the good category. And I am in this category until May 1 when I have my next X-ray / scan and we can see if German-Japanese engineering truly is as remarkable as we would think. 😉

My first CATSCAN!

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