Still Broken

Wouldn’t ya know, it takes a long time to heal a fractured and disfigured vertebrae?

Can’t see the break here, but otherwise looking ok, right? No?!

I went to the doctor earlier this week and got some not-good-not-bad news. The good news was that my spine was healing as expected, which means calcifying around the fractured L1 and the pieces that broke off hadn’t moved.

The bad news was that the doctor felt it best for me to wear the brace for 6 more weeks. SIX. WEEKS. That’s a damn long time for someone who has been eager to break out of the brace and start pounding the pavement and beating the drums. I have¬†already¬†spent 6 weeks in the brace and it has been torture to see the weather turn from cold to perfect running-weather-chilly. It was wonderful and heartbreaking to see Soh Daiko performing at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and not be on stage with them, instead, sitting in the wheelchair section of the audience. Continue reading