Back (Heh) to Square One

3 months of broken back transformed me into a noob

Team Papi & Blackfoot

I am finally back to running! And man is it hard. I am slow, I can’t breathe, my back aches, my legs are sluggish. It’s like I never ran a day in my life, let alone accomplish a half marathon at a sub-8 minute per mile pace.

What to do? Start back at zero. It is truly amazing how fast the human body recovers (3 months for a spine fractured and compressed and now I am ‘fine’) but to all the people who think that rebuilding is as fast as deteriorating, you are unfortunately mistaken. I am living proof that I was in good running shape and accelerating, and now I am basically panting from water fountain to water fountain in the park. I forgot all the little tricks I had to keep my breathing smooth, my legs feeling like they could go on and on, to channel bursts of speed and motivation, etc. I’m a noob again. Continue reading


Free to Run Again!

After 3 months of a metal straitjacket, I am free

On Friday, I woke up super early, got ready for work, strapped my heavy metal brace on, and headed to the Spine Institute of NY. Last time I did this very same thing, 6 weeks ago, I was sorely disappointed with a prescription to keep wearing the restrictive brace for another month and a half. I almost cried at the news, to be honest. It had already been 8 weeks and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t better. I even had to spend my birthday in the brace. Continue reading