Head in the Clouds, Body in the Dirt

Not a deceased body though, this is central park, not south central!

Tell-tale signs I hit the dirt

Today I ran my first ‘long’ run in forever! It was only 7 miles but that’s the longest I have done since the accident. And of course, I had another little accident to make it more….memorable.

I was supposed to get up at 5:30am to do this long run and leave early fromĀ  homeĀ to do pre-work errands. But when the alarm went off, it was just one of those “Oh man, it’s dark, I’m tired,” moments and back to sleep I went. At 5:55am I woke up again and told myself it’s now or never. I rested on Sunday and Monday, so I couldn’t let another day go by without some decent mileage. To think I finally hit +30 miles last week to crank in only a few this week seemed like wasted effort. I got my gear on.

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Slow and Steady

Not my usual description of myself……

But that’s the description my Nike+ account has given me. One month has gone by since my last post, which means more than a month has gone by since my inaugural “recovered” run. Time to take a peek at where I am now.

Well, I am not very far, to be honest. My feelings about my running haven’t changed much since my last post. I keep looking at my pace and feeling mortified. I check my GPS when I am pretty tired and I’ve only gone less than 2 miles. I have stopped and taken breaks anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes at the water fountain. I still get cramps! I’m so stiff I can’t even touch my toes anymore! Even when I first started running, I didn’t have all these issues. And although I had these issues a month ago, shouldn’t they have gone away?! Wahh!

My new route – Mile 1 starts with 6 blocks to Central Park

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