A Beautiful Morning in Queens

Soh Daiko’s retreat doesn’t stop us runnners from running!

Out the beautiful door!

A few weekends ago, my taiko group met for our annual retreat at a member’s house out in the east side of Queens. Despite the fact that we had a productive day-long meeing in a gorgeous house with delicious food, we were couped up all day because of the rain. So a few of us Soh Daiko members / Runners decided to wake up early and get a short run in before the next meeting on Sunday.

It is so nice to run in a different place. There was a running path by Little Neck Bay which was just gorgeous. Running is a great way to explore a neighborhood and start your day with some sunshine! Although I would have liked to run the whole way to the Throg Neck Bridge next time, we had a time constraint and made it as far as the first pier before stopping to enjoy the view and then return to more meetings.

Bayside, Queens

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Torturous Two out of Ten Miles

Two little miles that felt like two hundred

It’s probably a good thing that the Soh Daiko Annual Retreat prevented me from doing the Bronx 10 Mile race this Sunday. ‘Cuz the last time I did ten miles (which was the first 10 mile long run I have ran since my accident) left me feeling pretty bad for almost all of last week.

It was Labor Day weekend. Three full days of no work (and no taiko either)! Since the weather was so nice on the Saturday and Sunday, beach action was the way to go. But Monday, the weather was not so beach-y so I swapped my long run from Sunday to Monday so I could take advantage of the weather as best as possible.

The previous long run I had done was 8 miles, and of the 8, I did 10K non-stop and the rest was warm up / cool down miles so it wasn’t horrible (although I didn’t feel awesome). So I added two more miles to that old run and figured with the weather being less sunny and a tad cooler, everything was going to be ok. Continue reading