1st in My Division!!!

Rock ‘N Roll 10K ROCKED because I actually won something for the 1st time ever!

NesQuik, BlackfootQuik!

Last Saturday was the Rock ‘N Roll 10K race in Prospect Park! I am super happy with my result, because it was under my secret goal time AND I ranked in the top of my division!!!! *jumps up and down with joy*

The race prep started the night before when Fernando and I made homemade tomato sauce and whole wheat pasta to carb load. Bedtime was early, and although I slept well since I love going to bed early, he was anxious and did not. When the alarm went off at 5am, I jumped out of bed to get my gear on. There was more of a delayed reaction on his part. I drank some water, packed the gear bag, put on my most hideous sweats over my running clothes (in case we didn’t make the bag check in time, we were gonna just ditch the bag/clothes by a tree and hope we wouldn’t see a homeless person wearing our stuff later a la “Coming to America” movie), and we went out the door into the dark-as-night morning. I walked through Harlem with a cold piece of bread in my hand while Fernando drank an Ensure. We looked a bit odd. Continue reading


First Fifth Avenue Mile!

I Have A New Competitor…

We did our first 1 mile race! You’d think it’s only one mile and no sweat, but in that one mile, you gotta push yourself! And even though I thought I did…someone pushed hard and almost caught me, in theory.

Luckily, the race was in waves so I didn’t actually see him creeping up close in real life. But time-wise, well, it’s time to watch my back!

Passing the MET on the way to the start line

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