Delivering at Race to Deliver

Finally realizing a long standing 4 mile goal time

Last Sunday I ran the first legitimate 4 mile race in a long time. Two years ago when I started running in 2010, I ran the Japan Day¬†4M race and during the race I tore 2 of the tendons in my ankle, completing the race in 40:44 (10’11” pace) and following up with a ton of therapy. Then in 2011, I ran it in 35:46 (8’56” pace) and considered it a job well done. Finally, in May of this year, I ran it with a broken spine complete with metal back brace in 47:13 (10’35” pace) and although I was happy to have completed it, it wasn’t exactly a good idea.

A little background on “4 miles” – This was the distance of my average daily run. Back in Brooklyn, my course to the bridge – pier – overpass was exactly 4 miles. This is a distance I had become comfortable with. I had thought to myself on numerous occasions “gee, wouldn’t it be nice to get this 4 miles under 30 minutes?” And I never could. My running Brooklyn running course was flat to boot. It was just a dream…

Now, after a full spine fracture recovery and training almost daily in hilly Central Park, I wanted to snatch this damn dream time out of the clouds and into reality.

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Howlin’ Moon 5K Race in San Francisco

My first race on the West Coast, and I made them remember me!

I went to San Francisco to visit my mom and sister and it was a trip I won’t soon forget! Not only was it super fun – spending time with my mom (even having some sake together!), shopping with sis, wine tasting in Sonoma and Napa Valley, exploring the city, etc. – but I also got to participate in a race! I really wanted to race with my mom and sis cheering, and cheering they did! They both woke up super early to come to the race, my mom even scoped out the fastest way to drive there from her apartment beforehand, and with their help, it ended up being a new personal record for me, as well as a new medal for my collection for winning 2nd place overall for women!
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