Guest Blog: Fernando’s Central Park 10K!

The first real race of the year goes to Fernando!

IMG_6205As the cold, snowy & rainy winter days are passing by, I have been stricken with some sort of sickness which renders me inside. Back when I used to have my good ole’ cheap gym (Yay, Dolphin’s!) I could just hit the treadmill instead of running on ice, but I have come to terms with the weather and my wallet, and I feel ok staying in when it seems like a better idea to grab more Z’s than break my ankle or get more sick. (That being said, anyone have a recommendation for running shoes meant for such conditions?)

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t spent ample time outdoors in the park! As a matter of fact, I have run whenever possible my usual schedule, and I made myself a new ‘first’ – being the Supporter during the Joe Kleinerman 10K! And without further ado, Fernando will tell you all about his first race of the year! Continue reading


Running to the New Year!

Starting off 2013 by putting my best foot forward

IMG_6044-1This New Year’s Eve was spectacularly different and fun! Instead of partying, drinking, or just plain giving up and sleeping, I went to Central Park to run the Emerald Nuts Midnight 4M Fun Run! A non-scored race, and kicked off by a huge dance party by the bandstand, it was the perfect non-competitive run with “Happy New Year!” being shouted by the runners and spectators which I truly enjoyed.

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