More Fitness Women’s Half Marathon Recap

Another Half Marathon, another day

IMG_6811Last Sunday, I ran the More Fitness Women’s Half Marathon. I had signed up because it was on a Sunday which is my long run day anyway, so I thought why not. I would normally do over 13.1 miles but it would be a race so I’d be going at a speed unattainable in training so it would all even out. I got my race bib at the expo on Saturday and my number was 231! The lowest number yet. Good omen? At least I hoped it was a good omen that I would finish cramp-less or within a decent time, since I was only 2 weeks recovered from my full marathon run (see last post) and although I was walking fine, whenever I ran, I’d immediately get tired or stiffen up!

I woke up that morning very, very tired from the night before’s taiko practice. I had my mate  and ended up with a stomachache. This was not going well! But I saw it wasn’t hot out so I would endure. I paid for it, after all! And my number was so good…maybe I would luck out and feel better.

IMG_6817At the race, I was in the first corral…and although I came just ontime, it was pretty empty! The race staff started yelling at us few to move up, but then I was pretty much on the start line! With my stomachache only slightly better, I started becoming legitimately concerned that I would get trampled. The cool thing was I was right near two Ethiopian runners, and Deena, the professional runner! They were warming up and slipped right under the rope after a photo op. I was going to get to watch these elite ladies take off! Continue reading


Going the Distance: A Full Marathon Run

26.21 Miles Long Run

26.2Last Friday, I did one of the craziest things I have ever done in my whole life. I ran a marathon – 26.2 miles – for ‘training.’ For ‘fun.’ To see if I could do it.

Well, I DID It. And I couldn’t have been happier with the time. But DAMN it Hurt. I now know why the marathon is such an epic race. Everything happened to me in those last 6.2 miles that they say would happen. I didn’t know how it would happen or when it would happen, but it happened and when it did, I knew what was going on and made it through. 26.2 miles with an extra 0.01 to make sure!!!

South County Trail

South County Trail

It was a perfect running day. Cold but sunny. Fernando and I had been thinking to do this trial run for awhile and we wanted to do it before it got too warm. After jostling the schedule in our calendar for awhile since we had to factor in my father being in town again as well as rain days, resting, and no-alcohol days, we finally decided that 29 March 2013 was the only sensible option. Luckily for me, we actually decided this a bit last minute, which was good because I didn’t have to spend the whole week dreading it. Instead, I was excited because our strategy involved taking a train (yay!), running in a new place (yay!), running on a flat course (yay!), running while viewing trees and nature (yay!), having Fernando bike next to me with supplies (yay!), and the final piece to the puzzle – getting a ride back to NYC afterwards (yay!!!). Continue reading