Summer Running Blues turned Silver

Well, figuratively.

IMG_0786This summer has been a hot and humid one. On top of changing jobs last spring (YES! I am a proud staff member at UNICEF now!) and the general energy-sucking heat wave that is every day in the city, I have been pressed for time to blog and the strength to run. I still run, don’t get me wrong, I have officially entered into the NYC Marathon this fall so I need to keep my mileage up, but the runs have been quite slow no matter what kind of energy I bring to the pavement, and extremely, almost disturbingly, sweaty.

IMG_20130629_101843So, even though I have failed to update on my latest half marathon, the Brooklyn Half, I will skip to the most recent and impromptu race held yesterday just to get me back on the runner’s world of web!

Some of my taiko members were running this race called Take Your Base 5K in Coney Island. They did it last year when I was away so I missed it but they said it was a lot of fun AND one of my taiko members won it! After little goading from them, I signed up for fun. I geared my weekly miles to have a rest on Friday and race the 5K on Saturday, which was quite literally running up the boardwalk at Coney Island to Brighton Beach, back to Coney Island, and into the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball stadium, once around and finishing at Home Base. Continue reading


MIA: Running Silently

I just wanted to make a quick note to anyone who happens to check or stumble across my running blog –

First of all, thanks for bothering to view / read!

Second, I haven’t posted in awhile but that doesn’t mean I stopped running! Please check my running log to see what I’ve been doing. I am going to post about the latest race, the Brooklyn Half Marathon, which I earned a new medal and a slightly improved PR, so please check back for that!

And lastly, the reason I haven’t been updating is because….I got a new job!!! I am proud to be a UNICEF staff member now, and although it is so rewarding and extremely meaningful work, it is also quite challenging and has taken a lot of my time both at work and at home trying to de-stress myself from all the new changes and things I need to learn asap.

So that’s that! I’ll be posting again regularly soon!