Marathon Training Tempo Run – the Bronx 10 Miler

What better way to do a tempo run than enter in a race?

The Bronx

The Bronx

With one month to go before the NYC Marathon (gulp), my runs have become more and more targeted and specific. I’ve got my mileage where seemed reasonable for me, I got my long runs, my hill work, blah blah blah. The number of runs have gone down to 5 times a week to balance the length of the weekend long run, and this is just dandy with me since 6am is pretty darn dark now. (Plus Fernando and I saw a robbery in progress on the way to the park one morning, I am not a fan of being around that sorta stuff so the less I have to be out there alone, the better.)

Truth is about me and tempo runs is that I just can’t seem to do them. I always end up somewhere between what the pace should be and my easy run pace. That’s because I don’t like to push myself too hard in the beginning of a 7 miler nor do I like to go so slow that I’m feeling like I’m not doing anything. So all my ‘regular’ runs are neither easy nor tempo. Bleh. But then, being that the Bronx 10 mile was coming up, and I decided not to do the Staten Island Half, I reasoned that the 10 miler could complete my Borough Series to get an auto-in the NYC Half 2014 and be a real tempo run! Continue reading