Rock ‘N’ Roll Brooklyn: Fernando’s Come-back Race!

Runners get injured. But that doesn’t stop us from being runner!

20131012_090447We all have been through a meriad of injuries as active people. I tore two tendons the first year I signed up for a race, I’ve had knee pain I’ve had to strap up, I’ve broken by back in a snowboarding accident where some idiot cut me off and forced me to the trees. Not to mention the amount of times I’ve fallen down and bloodied myself while running. But we’ve all picked ourselves back up (literally) and kept going. Fernando is living that first year of running by trading one ouchy part for another. From a fracture in his femur to IT band issues to splintery foot pain. And nothing is stopping him! He put a pin on the calendar for the Rock N’ Roll Brooklyn 10K and said “I’m going to run this race.” And run he did.

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