Happy Holidays, fellow runners and bloggers!

Although I should be finishing up my Marathon recap (woot woot, first one in the bag!) I am having a drink (or a few) and celebrating Xmas with loved ones. On slow work days, I’ve made it to the gym and on days off I get myself into the park for a nice long run. It’s a pretty great schedule.

Holiday feet

Holiday feet

Cold weather running gear - goofy but it does the job!

Cold weather running gear – goofy but it does the job!

Happy Holidays from Harlem!

Happy Holidays from Harlem! Stay cozy, eat and drink up, and have a lovely run!


Sleep, run, work and repeat

I have a great post coming soon – the experience of my First marathon, with official (rather than snipped) photos! Hope you’ll come back soon to read. Since the marathon, it’s been a whirlwind of work with the launch of a report (downloadable here at UNICEF’s new site which I’ve been working on) and a regional meeting in Cape Town being a catalyst to all sorts of other side events I have been managing from New York, so I haven’t had time to really go through one of the best memories I’ll have of my life here on my online journal of running. But I will, and soon. All I can say now is that the week after the marathon, I was indeed walking a little stiff with a swell in my heart of pride that I did it – I ran a real marathon.

And helped launch a report. And coordinated 4 events in Cape Town. And processed some contracts. And….