Fred Lebow’s Frozen Manhattan Half Marathon

There was only one way to survive: Wear a wig

IMG_8128Since my CPU crashed, I haven’t been able to pull up the NYC Marathon photos from one of my life’s greatest achievements, without which, blogging about it would be boring. But I won’t let it stop my from telling you about my latest race, the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half, the first of NYRR’s Borough Series which allows you to get an auto entry (opposed to lotto) to the NYC Half for the following year. The NYC Half happened to be one of my fav races last year, and even though I am doing it again this year, perhaps even going for a PR against my current 1:36:36, I wanna be able to do it next year too.

So this put me in a rather unpleasant position come Saturday when I realized it would be 16 degrees F, with a wind chill making it -6 degrees….F. Das right. Ow. Skip it? Do it? Agh!!!

Race swag was an awkward hat…awkward in that my head was too small for it. I thought, hey, it will be so cold, I can layer my hats! But then I had a better…greater…..More GRAND Idea. I would wear a WIG!!!

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2013: Year End Running Review

Happy New Year!!!

2013 was my year for running – major accomplishments this year without set back (knock on wood, no injury or major sickness!) First full marathon completed under goal time, and a great show of support from fellow runners and non-running friends overall. I couldn’t be happier with the dedication I made to training. It’s a tough one to repeat seeing as how I’m not sure I’ll sign up for the NYC Marathon 2014, and I’d like to perhaps improve in some other ways besides distance, as well as not burn out by over training in general, but we shall see where all these miles take me in 2014!



yr_review_number*figures do not include treadmill miles