Snowy winter: yea or nay?

Tread carefully

Tread carefully

I love winter. I love SNOW! I love playing in the snow, looking at the snow, ice skating, snowboarding, anything! Growing up in Connecticut and spending my early 20’s in the Snow Country of Yamagata, Japan has made me a snow bunny. But snow + running – that’s been a bit of “meh.”  -_-

The up side is that Central Park has been absolutely stunning in the past month. The snow froze to ice, then another layer of snow came, froze over, repeat 6 times and you get a winter wonderland right in the middle of New York City.

Found a place to stretch without climbing

Found a place to stretch without climbing


The reservoir path – too slippery


The reservoir – frozen


Wild animal! (Hello!)

Makes you appreciate your boots and see how slick sneakers can be on the frozen ground. And then forget about those nice dirt trails, they’re just an ice slick about a foot thick. And all I’ve got is a dark, bitter cold morning circling the park on the main route on pavement which you can only hope isn’t icy but you won’t find out till ya slip.

But look! One Sunday the sun came out to grace me for my 16 miler, thank goodness as I wouldn’t have made it 2.5 hours without a little give from Mother Nature. So dark scary slippery break-your-neck park became gorgeous again. And I am tired of people complaining like winter isn’t supposed to be snowy and cold here on the East Coast. It was like this when I grew up, I guarantee you. And if it isn’t too cold, then it’s too “warm” and everything’s melting and we’ll be flooded and wah wah wah!

But seriously, in general, my mileage has been a little off this month. And last month. I’m trying to live with that, and at the same time motivate to get up every chance it isn’t too slippery or there’s no risk of frostbite after 5 minutes of exposure.

And..! with this cabin fever and watching the Sochi Olympics, I actually got enough courage and determination to brave the mountain again after the terrible snowboarding accident which had me off my feet for 3 months. That was an accomplishment!


Back on the slopes – it’s like I never left! Except with some paranoia that people are too close to me.


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