New PR’s Part 1: The Bronx 10 Mile

IMG_3074It has been so long since I have updated! Since Zambia, I have run a handful of races, and I did MUCH better than that darned Brooklyn Half 2014 which was obligatory and somewhat torturous given the lovely 2 weeks in Africa. Now I can boast 2 new PRs, one for the 10 mile distance and the other for the half marathon distance…one sorta out shines the other but let’s start with the Bronx 10 Miler!

Last year I did this race a part of my marathon training. It was a ‘tempo run.’ This year I did some proper pre-race resting. I’ve upped my rest days from 2 to 3 days prior to the race which has been successful thus far. I also participated in the marathon training runs hosted by NYRR, including the 18 Mile Tune Up. So come race day, I was ready to run! Well, once I woke up…

IMG_3055I remember having fun on this course so I was looking forward to it. And I figured I had to do better because of the resting, the pasta, the proper “getting ready” for this particular race rather than a marathon training run. To add to my PR chances, I even choked down the dreaded GU.


Ooooh so Kona doesn’t mean coffee…it means disgusting pineapple…gag


Ready to run!

The gun went off and I went out feeling good, remembering vaguely the slow downs and ups and turns and all. I even caught up with my friend Santiago who I hadn’t even seen in the beginning! Santiago and I did the Queens 10K back in June and although we ran together the whole way, he was able to sprint ahead at the end, giving himself a new PR.

Santiago and I starting out together on a hot but not so hot day comparatively!

Santiago and I starting out together on a hot but not so hot day comparatively!

Santiago was at least 20 secs ahead!

Santiago was at least 20 secs ahead!

Post Queens 10K resting

Post Queens 10K resting

After our “how’s it going?” exchange, I went on still feeling good after the 10K mark. Someone even chased after me asking if I was the girl who he followed during the 18 Mile Marathon Tune Up who was doing really well…turns out I was not that girl since they were a lot faster than me! But anyway he encouraged me to keep it up until I told him to just go on without me with a “good luck!” I was still on track to PR for the 10 mile distance and I didn’t want to jeopardize it since there was a long steady and grueling hill before the finish.

Things went well, I had a minor cramp in my shoulder along the way that thankfully went away, and I powered up the hill to the volunteer yelling “Don’t give up now! I told you I’d see you again!” (it was an out-and-back course). Trying not to count the blocks was not easy but they go by fast when you’re booking it! All my self-assessments were saying that I had it in me to keep it up. I huffed and I puffed and I told myself “every second counts!” Across the finish line I came with a new personal best!

Every second counts!

Every second counts!

New PR! 1:12:38., 7'16" pace per mile

New PR! 1:12:38., 7’16” pace per mile

Next post will be about the latest PR: The Staten Island Half Marathon, coming soon!!!


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