Just an average pirate running through a land lubbin’ world….

I started running in Japan before I was heading home state-side. I
didn’t love it much, but it was keeping me active and keeping the
boozing at bay.

I lived with my father, who shall be known as “Papi” in this blog, who
is a Marathoner and avid runner. I went to the gym with him every day
until I got a new job and moved out, and he put me to shame.

Eventually I picked up running again after moving to Bay Ridge in
Brooklyn, where the bay inspires runners to race barges and
cruiseliners coming into Manhattan, and got so excited about it all
that I tore some tendons in my right ankle. Dang it, there went my
running season! After months of physical therapy, I got back on track
but this time I am doing it RIGHT.

So this is my running journal, to help keep me on track, to help
motivate others, to share and learn with the community, and to have
fun! Yarrrh!

PS: During the course of this blog, I also fractured my spine and am lucky to be walking at all again, let alone running. Thank you to all who supported me and I will continue to do my best to be a great runner!

NOTE: The name Blackfoot was given to me by my pirate friends in
Yamagata Prefecture where we spent a lot of time by the sea and
mountains and my foot blackened with the sun, and also with frostbite.