What I Am Using

  • Nike+ iPod Sports Kit: Helps me track distance, time, pace, and lets me listen to my tunes!
  • Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 Headphones: Sweatproof and super comfortable in my ear, designed to never slip out / off
  • Knee Pro-Tec®: Great support for my wonky left knee which suffers from Runner’s Knee
  • Nike+ Sportswatch GPS: Finally I can stop sweating up my Coach watch and I have this GPS to help me figure my times more accurately! So far I love it, though it does make jumps in my pace so I feel like I have to check it a few times to determine my ‘at the moment’ pace. I am more comfortable keeping the “time elapsed” mode on so I can calculate my splits as I go rather than trust the pace.
  • Nike Lunaracer+ Running Shoe: Amazing shoe, I feel like these are true racing shoes that fit your feet well and allow you super control of every push and kick. I LOVE THEM. And they look cool too.
  • PACE CALCULATOR: Click link to calculate your pace!
  • Mizuno Wave Riders: Trying a new show, this one has a bit more cushioning to it and I hope it will get me 100 more miles per pair since the Lunaracers get beat down a little fast. For ‘neutral’ ride, normal pronation.