New PR’s Part 1: The Bronx 10 Mile

IMG_3074It has been so long since I have updated! Since Zambia, I have run a handful of races, and I did MUCH better than that darned Brooklyn Half 2014 which was obligatory and somewhat torturous given the lovely 2 weeks in Africa. Now I can boast 2 new PRs, one for the 10 mile distance and the other for the half marathon distance…one sorta out shines the other but let’s start with the Bronx 10 Miler!

Last year I did this race a part of my marathon training. It was a ‘tempo run.’ This year I did some proper pre-race resting. I’ve upped my rest days from 2 to 3 days prior to the race which has been successful thus far. I also participated in the marathon training runs hosted by NYRR, including the 18 Mile Tune Up. So come race day, I was ready to run! Well, once I woke up… Continue reading


A Beautiful Morning in Queens

Soh Daiko’s retreat doesn’t stop us runnners from running!

Out the beautiful door!

A few weekends ago, my taiko group met for our annual retreat at a member’s house out in the east side of Queens. Despite the fact that we had a productive day-long meeing in a gorgeous house with delicious food, we were couped up all day because of the rain. So a few of us Soh Daiko members / Runners decided to wake up early and get a short run in before the next meeting on Sunday.

It is so nice to run in a different place. There was a running path by Little Neck Bay which was just gorgeous. Running is a great way to explore a neighborhood and start your day with some sunshine! Although I would have liked to run the whole way to the Throg Neck Bridge next time, we had a time constraint and made it as far as the first pier before stopping to enjoy the view and then return to more meetings.

Bayside, Queens

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