Going for a PR at the NYC Half Marathon

IMG_8247Last Sunday I received the latest edition to my medal collection and with it, a new personal record. I am giddy with joy!

The time was a mere 37 seconds faster than my last record half (Brooklyn Half Marathon 2013) but for me it is a WHOPPING 37 seconds. And it all started off so badly!

First of all, as you are all aware, this winter has been quite drastic to say the least. With the weather being so…wintery…it was hard to get out the door and run. It was dark, icy, dangerous and bitter, bitter cold. And of course, riding off the high of achieving my first Full Marathon (blog post to come!) last November, I wasn’t super motivated to go out and kill myself in the park in 6 degree Fahrenheit weather over black ice with frozen toes and nose and burning red legs (even with the running tights) so I did a little relaxin’ and allowed myself to skip runs (which was probably a good and safe idea most of the time, but probably not all of the time…)….

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A Race to Remember: Touring Manhattan, the NYC Half Marathon!

Central Park, Times Square, West Side Highway, Battery Tunnel, Wall Street!

nyc13_UpTown_07On 17 March, I was one of the lucky lotto-winning runners who was invited to participate in the NYC Half! It was an epic race tour through parts of Manhattan that are normally restricted to cars and sidewalks. But this time, I got to run straight down the middle of nyc13_UpTown_13the streets!

Unlike the Manhattan Half, which was twice around the park, I wanted to do well on this one. I wanted to PR. I wanted to beat my record (which, coincidentally, was the Manhattan Half time). And I needed this to happen because I had been doing everything right. I trained. I even signed up for the gym for bad weather wimp out days. I ate homemade tomato sauce with my whole wheat carbs. I drank a ton of water the night before. AND it was going to be flat…after the park loop. No way was I going to settle on the same time as last time!
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