More Fitness Women’s Half Marathon Recap

Another Half Marathon, another day

IMG_6811Last Sunday, I ran the More Fitness Women’s Half Marathon. I had signed up because it was on a Sunday which is my long run day anyway, so I thought why not. I would normally do over 13.1 miles but it would be a race so I’d be going at a speed unattainable in training so it would all even out. I got my race bib at the expo on Saturday and my number was 231! The lowest number yet. Good omen? At least I hoped it was a good omen that I would finish cramp-less or within a decent time, since I was only 2 weeks recovered from my full marathon run (see last post) and although I was walking fine, whenever I ran, I’d immediately get tired or stiffen up!

I woke up that morning very, very tired from the night before’s taiko practice. I had my mate ¬†and ended up with a stomachache. This was not going well! But I saw it wasn’t hot out so I would endure. I paid for it, after all! And my number was so good…maybe I would luck out and feel better.

IMG_6817At the race, I was in the first corral…and although I came just ontime, it was pretty empty! The race staff started yelling at us few to move up, but then I was pretty much on the start line! With my stomachache only slightly better, I started becoming legitimately concerned that I would get trampled. The cool thing was I was right near two Ethiopian runners, and Deena, the professional runner! They were warming up and slipped right under the rope after a photo op. I was going to get to watch these elite ladies take off! Continue reading